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~ Ride the Swelling Wave of Online Commerce~

By Sophia Salis Kelter

Blood, sweat and tears…it’s hard to get around them when you’re starting, maintaining or growing your business. With changing times and technologies, there’s another item smart business leaders must add to their list of indispensable ingredients: SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For most men and women utterly immersed in the everyday affairs of running their companies, the term may seem like foreign tech language. Although it has yet to take its place in common business vernacular, companies enjoying accelerated Internet sales know the term well.   

Online retailers have shown major and consistent gains over these last five years. Dozens of independent studies indicate this spike is just the beginning of a trend that will sweep the U.S. and all industrialized nations. Marketers are closely monitoring shoppers’ behavior and believe Generation X-ers, their children and grandchildren will more likely visit the Internet before visiting a shopping mall. Even when the sale doesn’t end on the Internet, in many cases, it starts there.

If you haven’t already grasped the importance of having an online presence, you’re in trouble. This is not an attempt to alarm you. It’s an attempt to shock you into reality. Let’s please assume you’ve already built a website. While it’s extremely important to have a website up and running, that’s simply not enough to rake in the online revenue you’re expecting it to. A viable website maximizes online sales potential through careful maintenance that’s driven with attention to SEO.

That’s the whole idea of Search Engine Optimization. When someone is looking for exactly what your business offers, does your website pop to the top of their search results? More and more, you’re hearing people advise others to just “Google it” or “Yahoo it.” Those searching the net are finding what they’re looking for by the graces of these search engines. If you’re not paying to appear at the top in traditional Pay-Per-Click fashion, what are you doing to ensure your site is hitting the 1-3 page range and not listed at the bottom of results page 21? Having a natural high page ranking makes all the difference in the world when it comes to developing a highly trafficked website.

Search Engine Optimization is about ranking high within natural search results. That’s, basically, everything your search turns up outside sponsored listings. At this point, sponsored listings may sound pretty appealing. Studies, however, indicate Pay-Per-Click ads are more often by-passed. Research shows 60% of online “searchers” use natural listings and 75% do not explore beyond the first three pages.  

Now you have a basic sense of what it takes to make your website bring home the bacon. Stay with for bi-weekly updates that will help you chart the course to getting there. Between articles, speak with an Inetoptimizer expert about pushing your website to the top. Call Inetoptimizer toll-free at 800.581.9645.

Preview: On Tuesday, January 16th, will release its next article, “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.” The content will feature an in-depth look at on-line trends that are defining the future of the Internet.
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