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Gardening with the Internet

Take the Kinkiness out of garden work with a never kink hose reel.   Yard work can be quite strenuous, did you know that pushing a hand mower burns more calories than an hour on the treadmill (4 miles per hour).  Gardening can cause injuries, especially if you are not using a never kink hose reel.  Repetitive movements such as raking or weeding can be very tough on joints like the shoulders and ankles, which is something to remember if you spend all day in an office typing or doing other carpal-tunnel like movements.  Why I am I telling you all of this?  It's not because I hate gardening, it's the opposite.  I love gardening but I am also a big gadget person.

Recently I found the best place to read about my favorite interests on the internet is blogs.  If you aren't familiar with blogs they are web diaries or journals written by normal people.  I think that these are amazing because I can search the blog world and find people who write about my similar interests.  I found a very cool blog about hose reels.  I found a very cool gadget blog where normal people receive various gadgets and review them for gadget lovers like me.

I find this fascinating because for the first time in my life I have to search for gardening gadgets. One of the coolest gardening gadgets that I found from reading gardening blogs is an automatic, non-electric, hose reel.  

No Crank Hose Reel Ingenuity

The makers of these no crank hose reels have developed a clever device which uses the water pressure of the spigot to retract the hose automatically on all of their no crank hose reel products.   You never have to leave the never kink hose out on the lawn again to be run over by the mower.  It is so simple, just flip a switch and the hose will retract all by its self on the no crank hose reel.   

The future of gardening

10 years ago I never would have thought that the future of gardening would lie with the internet.  Now I can not imagine gardening with out the use of the internet.  I do all my research on the internet while using blogs to find advice and ask questions.  A good example is from last week when my hose started kinking for the millionth time.  I started a web search for a never kink product and found a cool web site that talks all about hoses.  Hopefully someday soon I can find a never kink hose, but in the meantime I know that I can improve my gardening by using the internet.
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