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Wine Cellar Designs

Interested in building your own custom wine cellar? Only you can add that custom touch and accommodate your specific requirements for storing your wine collection. Today there are a number of options available to those that wish to build their own custom wine cellar. The best news is that there are wine cellar designs for everyone from the avid do-it-yourselfer that has advanced woodworking skills, to the complete novice.

So you want to build your own custom wine cellar, but don't want to build racks from scratch. There is a simple solution that will allow you to make your own custom wine rack design. Modular wine racks are typically available in different grains and finishes, with the least expensive generally being a wood like pine. Most modular wine rack dealers will offer other materials such as red cedar or finished wood too. Of course you can always save some money and finish the wood yourself.

A modular wine cellar supplier should supply all of the necessary hardware that will be needed to assemble the wine racks that you have ordered. If, for some reason, they make you figure out hardware needs yourself, I'd say choose another wine rack distributor because most of them sell the hardware with the rack materials.

One of the nice things about modular wine racking is that you can mix and match different types and styles of modular racking to meet specific needs or create a unique style. There are many wine racking companies that offer skirting pieces and crown molding so that you can easily 'tie together' different styles of wine cellar racking materials and types.

Many wine cellar racking companies have individual pieces that can help you further customize your own modular wine racking system. For example, a wood table top piece can be used to top off a short racking portion and convert it into a useful bench space.

There are built in glass racks that are made to fit snugly within a rack system. A good place for one of these individual units would be above the table top piece mentioned above. This would add to the ambience as well as functionality of your custom modular wine racking system.

Typically, the most economical type of modular wine cellar racking are dozen bin racks. These types of modular racking each hold twelve bottles of wine. This can be especially appropriate for those that buy their wine in dozens.

You can also find racking for cases of different types. There are two main types of case racking, one is for cases of standing wine and one is for short wooden cases. If you store wine in the bottles original packaging from time to time, this can be a very attractive and useful way to store the bottles.

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